Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in The Groundlings School!  Here's a brief rundown of our classes. You can CLICK HERE to register.


At The Groundlings School, we have different TRACKS:


WORKSHOP TRACK (No audition required)

Workshop Track classes are open to anyone at any time. They're low-pressure, fun classes designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of improv and The Groundlings style.


INTRO TO IMPROV (1 class, $40)

Explore the basics and learn about The Groundlings program in depth.

IMPROV WORKSHOP A (6 classes, 3 hours/class, $310)

Great for actors and non-actors interested in exploring the concepts of improv and building performance skills.

IMPROV WORKSHOP B (6 classes 3 hours/class, $310)
Build on the concepts explored in Workshop A, with greater emphasis on character work and how that skill set can be applied to The Groundlings style of improv.

INTRO TO SKETCH (6 classes, 3 hours/class, $300)
Learn the tools necessary to begin exploring sketch and comedy writing 

CORE TRACK (Core Track Audition required)
Core Track classes are fast-paced, deep dives into The Groundlings style of improv. At the end of each section, students can be asked to repeat a level before moving up. Repeating classes is an important part of the Groundlings experience, so students get deep repeater discounts: $150 off repeating Basic, $100 off repeating Intermediate or Advanced Improv.

AUDITION (1 class, Free)
An audition is your first step in the Core Track, and is required for enrolling in Basic. Each group audition consists of exercises indicative of a Basic Improv class. No preparation necessary, just come with vaild ID and a photo of yourself.

BASIC IMPROV (12 classes, 3.5 hours/class, $525)
Explore the fundamentals of improv training through the use of games and exercises in a fun, fast-paced, environment.

INTERMEDIATE IMPROV (12 classes, 3.5 hours/class, $525)
Learn advanced theory and character development through scene work.

WOWs & POWER WOWs (1 class, 3.5 hours/class, $40)
A WOW is a one-day Work Out Workshop focusing on developing characters and incorporating them into scene work, as well as strengthening improv fundamentals. A Power WOW is a series of 4 WOWs that includes a show on the Gary Austin Stage.
ADVANCED IMPROV (12 classes, 3.5 hours, $525)
Focus on continued character development and explore advanced improv styles and techniques, culminating in a show on the Gary Austin Stage.
Age Requirements: Adults age 18 and up are eligible to enroll in Workshop and Core Track classes. Teen Classes are available for students age 11-18. CLICK HERE for more information.
Upon completion of any given class, teachers turn in results to the school office. Students will receive an email once results are entered informing them they can sign up for the next level or use the repeater discount on the level they recently finished.
About the School

For over 40 years, The Groundlings School has been one of the leading improv training programs in the country, offering structured improvisation classes taught by teachers trained in the Groundlings program. Classes last six to twelve weeks and are held at the Groundlings Theatre and the Groundlings School building, located at 7280 Melrose Avenue. Classes are offered every day of the week and during mornings, afternoons and evenings.


Classes follow a strict curriculum, building on skills and techniques learned in each session. Requirements exist for advancing from one class level to the next for many classes, although not all. Students will be challenged to engage in the collaborative process of improv and to push their physical and creative boundaries. Basic acting skills will serve a student well, although they are not a requirement. As a leader in the field, students can expect a professional, innovative and rewarding experience from The School.


Audits: To preserve the integrity of each class, auditing is not allowed. If you’re interested in getting a taste of what a Groundlings class is all about, consider enrolling in a three-hour Intro to Improv workshop or a six-session Improv Workshop A class.


The Groundlings School holds free group auditions for the Basic class multiple times each week. Each audition is run by a Groundlings instructor and consists of exercises indicative of a beginning improv class. The entire audition will be completely improvised; there is no need to prepare any material. Students should bring a headshot and resume, if they have one. If a student passes the audition, their results are valid for up to one year, meaning they may enroll in a Basic class a year after passing the audition. Students who do not pass the audition may audition again after a four month waiting period. During that time, it is encouraged students take Improv Workshop A or an outside acting class. Students may audition up to three times. No guests or spectators may sit in on the audition. For more information on the audition process, CLICK HERE.


A minimum non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $100 (applied to the student's tuition) is required at the time of enrollment. There may also be an additional fee for payment plans at the time of checkout. The School does not offer refunds for classes.


The School office is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekend hours vary.



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