Maggie Baird


Maggie Baird was a main company member and teacher from 1994-2000. Also a screenwriter and songwriter, her feature film Life Inside Out is available on DVD and streaming on most major platforms. The film (cowritten with former SNL writer Lori Nasso) in which she stars alongside her real life son Finneas O’Connell, combines not only her passion for writing and acting, but for music. As a film festival favorite, Life Inside Out won multiple awards for Best Picture and Audience Favorite as well as awards for acting and original songs. During it’s limited theatrical run The Los Angeles Times critic Gary Goldstein gave the film a rave review “A beautiful demonstration of a mother's love concludes this special little film on a hugely touching note”


As a songwriter she has recorded two CD's, My Father's Daughter" and We Sail, both with the wonderful musical talents of The Groundlings’ own fabulous musicians Larry Treadwell and Willie Etra. She credits her experiences at the Groundlings, writing and performing musical numbers as well as her many stints improvising songs with reigniting her love of songwriting and helping her overcome a fear of singing in public.


As an actor she has appeared in plays on Broadway and in LA. Her many TV appearances including Bones, The X-Files, Six Feet Under, Friends, etc. and feature films (Manic, Marilyn Hotchkiss's, etc.) She also performs the voices of some well-known (and many obscure) characters, including the voice of Samara in Mass Effect II and III. Maggie is also an avid aerialist; teaching and performing on the static trapeze and aerial silks. Still married to the wonderful man who came to every Groundling show she did, she is most happily, a mother to their two fabulous children, Finneas and Billie O'Connell.



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